5 Great Tips On How To Take Care Of Succulents

5 Great Tips On How To Take Care Of SucculentsSucculents are one of the best beginner indoor plants you could even imagine. They are forgiving of mistakes but don’t take much time and effort in the first place. You could go pick one up right now after reading these tips on how to take care of succulents and we are confident that you will have no trouble at all.

A search on google will reveal thousand for guides on how to take care of succulents, but we are not going to subject you to that. If you want to read all of that scientific dry material then you can find the “back” button conveniently located in the top left hand corner of your browser. We are just going to give your some tips and describe why they are a good idea.

Tip 1 – Water Your Succulents Regularly

Succulents are naturally designed to survive in drought conditions and locations. Their fleshy leaves are shaped as so to store extra water when it is plentiful. When the water dries up and they are waiting for more rain, they will use some of the stored water until they can replenish again. This is one of the main reasons that succulents have survived so long without issue.

Contrary to the belief of some, you do not need to purposely allow your succulents to dry out. They are designed to survive in drought conditions, but they will only thrive if watered on a regular basis. This is the number one mistake made by new succulent growers, landing it the top spot on your list of tips on how to take care of succulents.

Tip 2 – Use Well-Draining Soil

Your soil choice can be the difference between your succulents surviving and thriving. It can also be the difference between daily care to try to keep them alive and a plant that only need to be watered once a week when you walk by.

You want your soil to be plentiful with arrogates that will let air into the soil. You want the water to drain into the soil and start to drain from the bottom almost instantly when you water your plant. If the water starts to pool on the surface of the soil, then you need to add some course sand to your mix.

Tip 3 – Provide Indirect Sunlight

Providing Indirect Sunlight Is BestSunlight is one necisary to any plant in order to creat energy through photosynthesis. Providing just the right amount of sunlight will send your plant over the top. Most Succulents need as much indirect sunlight as you can give them. The more you can provide, the better off you will be.

Most varieties can adjust to a small amount of direct sunlight, but again this is not preferable. For best results, stick with the indirect sunlight unless you specific variety says otherwise. If you notice that the leaves are starting to shrivel and fall off, then you are providing you succulents with too much sunlight. More them to a spot that is shaded from direct sunlight.

Tip 4 – Spray The Leaves Occasionally

This tip may raise an eyebrow if you have ever grown tropical plants that need to sprayed down for humidity. No, your succulents do not need you to provide them with humidity, in fact that hate humidity. The key here is that your succulents are sitting still for a long period of time and what happens to a table that sits in the attack for a year? It collects dust!

Dust is a succulent’s worst enemy, besides a curious cat maybe, because it creates a barrier between the sun and the leaf. As the dust starts to pile up, you succulent will have a harder time soaking in the amount of sunlight that it needs to flourish. Spraying the leaves off and maybe wiping them off will significantly improve your growing results. This is one of our best tips on how to care for your succulents for the long term.

Tip 5 – Propagate Your Succulents

look how many succulents you can growPropagation is the art of creating more wonderful plants out of your existing plant. With succulents, you do not need to plant seeds or divide your existing plant like other species. You can simply pluck a leaf off of your plant and stick it in the dirt to grow a new plant.

Even if you do not want to make an entire garden of succulents, this will allow you to have one of two backups if anything should happen to the first plant. It is so easy to do with the cuttings after you pruned your succulents that it is a no brainer.


We hope that you enjoyed our tips and that you now fully understand how to take care of succulents in your home. If you have any questions, post them below and we will answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!