Our Guide On How To Plant Succulents

Our Guide On How To Plant SucculentsSucculents are amazing plants that can be grown just about anywhere. They have flesh covered leaves that help hold water for the days when water is tough to come by. If you want to learn how to plant succulents in containers or jars then you have come to the right place.

Succulents are among the best indoor plants because they are so easy to care for. Any plant that will allow you to make a few mistakes without dying is going to be perfect for indoors and any beginners. That is exactly what succulents provide for growers all over the world.

There are many different varieties of succulents, but they all have the same basic care requirements. Take a look at our list of the most common species when you have some time but these are the basic care requirements for all succulents.


Some succulents grow better in rocksSucculents like to stay drier that most other types of plants. In order to achieve this, you will need to plant them in well draining soil.

You do not want the soil to hold any moisture after you water your plants. The roots want to be able to get oxygen through the soil and water will stop that. Water stuck in the soil will cause the roots to rot quickly if you are not carful.

You will know if your soil drains well when you water your succulents. You should see the water get soaked right into the soil as soon as you water. You should not see any water pool on the surface.


Water is key for any plant to grow and more water is always better. It is true that succulents can survive without much water, but they will not thrive being dry. If you water them regularly, you will have much stronger plants that will have a better chance of survival.

As with any indoor plant, try not to water your succulents on a schedule. A schedule will lead you to over water your plants and cause all sorts of problems.

I try to water my succulents when the soil on the surface looks and feels dry. This should happen about once a week. Water enough to allow the salts from the last water to drain out of the pot at the same time.


Sunlight is one of most essential parts of how to plant succulents. Succulents require bright sunlight, but prefer it to be indirect. They are known to have the ability to adjust to different sunlight conditions but so best in these conditions.

How To Plant Succulents In Containers

How To Plant Succulents In ContainersSucculents have been planted in containers for over 100 years. The first known occurrence was in Britain in the early 1900s. At his time the farmers were abandoning farms in favor of moving to the city, leaving the farms abandoned.

This led to local recycling anything they could find about use for on the abandoned farms. Succulent growers were quick to notice the stone troughs that were left behind from watering the animals. They are great containers that can be udders to grow succulents or any other outdoor plant.

The first part of our guide on how to plant succulents in containers is to make sure that you pick the right container. These troughs are no longer available at reasonable prices, so you will need to find something else. You can find containers for growing plants at any gardening or home improvement store.

Once you have the container, you will need to pick the right soil for container growing. Make sure that you use well-draining soil so that water does not sit and rot your roots. You may also want to consider adding builders’ sand to help improve the drainage of your soil.

The final step in our how to plant succulents in containers guide is to pick some succulents and plant them in the pot. Make sure that they are at the right depth and the soil around them are packed down. Do not fertilize your succulents for a few month after your plant them.


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